2010 Northern Rhône Wine: « After the Exuberance of the grape varieties in 2009 wines, welcome to the Exuberance of the soils in 2010»

(More wine news on www.vitabella.fr) A recent tasting of 2010 Northern Rhone wines at Maison M.Chapoutier was an excellent opportunity for Michel Chapoutier to give his first impressions on the quality of this vintage for each appellation. Before considering any specific appellation, he first declared: « After the exuberance of the grape varieties in 2009 wines, welcome to the exuberance of the soils in 2010. In the 2010 vintage, wines deliver a magnificent definition, with minerality, elegance and a great tension.» Here is a summary of his comments on each appellation.

Appellation Cote-Rotie 2010 « The flowering was less generous than in 2009 and Nature has therefore regulated the load by vine. Grapes have benefited from a remarkable natural concentration. This 2010 Mordorée shows a black colour and a complex and intense nose of ripe and fresh black fruit. Beautiful floral aromas (Violet…). Full bodied, very elegant with tanins and a great balance. Finish shows a splendid mineral tension. »

Appellation Condrieu 2010 « The flowering was generous on the viognier grapes and the very northern climate in 2010 allowed harvesting grapes with remarkable fresh aromas. Immediately we knew this vintage would deliver finesse. The result is in accordance with our expectations. The nose shows beautiful fresh aromas. Notes of exotic fruit, litchi, pineapple, but also notes of citrus fruits, green lemon and apricot. On the palate, the wine is full bodied, refreshing and delivers minerality. The structure, supported by a beautiful acidity, is well balanced. Finish is persistent and aromatic. »

Appellation Saint Joseph White 2010 « Flowering was even less generous than in 2009. We harvested beautiful grapes full of concentration and minerality. At first, the nose of this 2010 White Granit expresses power and aromatic complexity with a mix of citrus fruit, fennel and some very elegant reduction typical from granitic soils. The mouth, rich and powerful, expresses the mineral tension from granitic soil with an impressive precision. Floral, mineral notes, with fennel and anise aromas and and a beautiful "bitter almond" finish. The refreshing signature of a perfect Marsanne on Granitic soil. »

Appellation Saint Joseph Red 2010 « In 2010, Saint Joseph wines from the southern part of the district are more powerful than those from the northern part which deliver an extraordinary purity. This 2010 Les Granits delivers a nose full of black fruit with a strong mineral accent. Graphite, carbon, impression of a stone burnt by the sun. The tension on the palate, the important and delicate tannic structure as well as and the minerality from a granitic soil make this wine unique. Aromatic persistence is impressive with a full, complex and tense sensation. »

Appellation Crozes Hermitage Red 2010 « This 2010 Varonniers shows a very intense nose, with black and red fruit notes (black cherry), lovely vegetal and floral aromas (violet). The attack is massive, tanins add beautifully to the structure of the wine. Full bodied and balanced with a nice mineral tension. A finish with a great precision and some black fruit. »

Appellation Crozes Hermitage White 2010 « A first discreet nose and then an astonishing complexity for a Marsanne planted on sedimentary soil. Elegant marriage of fennel and citrus fruit (green lemon), very refreshing aromas. The palate is well balanced between fruit (pear…), nice vegetal notes (fennel, anise) and mineral tension. Finish is persistent and refreshing. »

Appellation Hermitage Red 2010 « Syrah grapes ripened very slowly, skins accumulated important quantities of polyphenols which give powerful attacks as well as structured and balanced wines. The nose of this 2010 Pavillon is complex and very intense. With aromas of black fruit, blackcurrant, blackberry and graphite, this wine shows a delicious freshness. Palate is powerful, full bodied. Beautiful tanins add to the structure of this hermitage. Finish is explosive. »

Appellation Hermitage White 2010 « Whites are very mineral, with elegant aromas of white fruits and white flowers. Always with a beautiful acidity, finesse, complexity and saline finish. A discreet nose at first for this 2010 White Ermite, then a large range of floral nuances and mineral notes but always discreet and very delicate. Complexity is such that it is difficult to name them separately. Mouthfilling, the expression of this wine is based on a delicate mineral tension. Floral and mineral notes come together to make the wine even more impressive. Aromatic persistence is impressive: fresh, with a mineral tension, the wine offers a refreshing sensation.»

Appellation Cornas 2010 « This appellation produced grapes with a beautiful maturity. These wines are both powerful and balanced. The wine shows a black and deep colour. A very complex nose with fig and fig leaves aromas. Then notes of graphit, carbon, soot. Attack is massive, with elegant and structured tanins, lovely flesh and superb mineral tension. Full bodied, the wine shows a big volume with structure and flesh. Tanins, which are still showing a little “granitic” austerity, will benefit from ageing. »

Appellation Saint Péray 2010 « The nose expresses some aromatic complexity, a mix of citrus fruit, pear, beautiful flower nuances (hawthorn), anise and a discreet and elegant reduction. Palate is generous, rich, supported by a lovely acidity and a long finish punctuated by a beautiful mineral reduction. » (More wine news on www.vitabella.fr)