The vintage which could make Robert Parker even more influential on Luxury Rhone Valley Wines

(More wine news on www.vitabella.fr). It has been traditionally considered that the famous american wine critic Robert Parker was essentially influential on Bordeaux wines and more specifically on first growths. His current visit in Rhone Valley, for mainly tasting the 2009s, may build a stronger image of his name in a near future not only as a Bordeaux specialist but also as a Rhone Valley specialist.
Currently in Rhone Valley to taste the 2009s, Robert Parker is preparing a future review of this beautiful vintage. What may result from his tastings could impact on US sales and abroad as it already happened for 2007 Chateauneuf du Pape, which he considered in his reviews as the greatest vintage he ever tasted in this region. Well, wine professionals and consumers as well should be prepared to such an announcement for the 2009s he is tasting now. Let's guess his choice will be more on the reds than on the whites (which sometimes have a lack of acidity and nervosity) but considering Rhone Valley wines from the northern part (Cornas, Saint Joseph, Hermitage, Cote Rotie), he may review this vintage as The best he ever tasted in Northern Rhone Valley and could compare it to some great old vintages ending in 9. If this is the case, after the 2007 Chateauneuf du Pape, this new strong opinion on Rhone Valley wines would be marketed worldwide and his recommandations would take even more value in a region where some of the greatest luxury wines are produced. If wine professionals should go even further, they should guess about which appellation would be highlighted by Robert Parker in 2009. If it is Hermitage, it will have a strong and powerful marketing effect on these wines which are produced in a very limited area and which still deserve a bigger recognition in many parts of the world. And then the last guess would be: who would be the top performer in Hermitage for this 2009 vintage? Maybe Chapoutier, which is always producing great Hermitage wines that Robert Parker appreciates much ("L'Ermite" and other small parcels). Chave, whose production for whites or reds is always of extremely high level. But let's guess the one who could much more benefit from this Robert Parker's effect (just because his flagship wine has been underperforming in terms of wine critics' scores over the last few years) would be a famous producer which makes the most renowned name in the Hermitage Appellation. Did you get it? I give you a hint: his wine (red or white) is called after a religious building and it is particularly admired for the 1961 vintage. All this story is just a guess but I love to guess...(More wine news on www.vitabella.fr).