Medoc Marathon: when Sport and Luxury Wine make the perfect blend.

(More wine news on www.vitabella.fr). I was recently attending a wine tasting in Dublin and an irish lady came to me and asked me if I would attend this year the famous Medoc Marathon. I said I would not be able to take part to it and that I was rally sad because this marathon is a beautiful sport event as well as a magnificent human experience. She said she would never miss it because she never felt like making extraordinary efforts when she was running in such a beautiful scenery. Then she started to talk about the most beautiful chateaux, the first growths and all the most renowned names that Medoc could boast.In fact, when you have experienced former editions yourself and have a quick look at the program this year on www.marathondumedoc.com, you are pretty impressed by the great adventure it is. Shared by 8,500 people coming from all over the world, this adventure shows that the passion for both sport and wine can go together very well. And I am convinced that this human experience would not be as successful if it was not also about great wines. Also, behind this adventure, you can discover the most efficient communication tool that was invented up to now to build a stronger image of Bordeaux wines in the world. In fact, as I said to this charming irish lady, if we would rate this blend, it would be the perfect note: 100 points or 100/100. In that sense, as more and more people want to experience, one day, a 100 points' blend, the success of this Marathon seems unlimited. Now, being obliged to miss this edition, I have a great thought to all my friends running this marathon and all the joggers who will attend this event. And, of course, I will raise a glass of fine wine to them, right at 9.20 am on saturday 11 September when the Handi-race start will be announced. (More wine news on www.vitabella.fr).