TESCO brings innovation on Wine shelves

(More wine news on www.vitabella.fr). Things change rapidly at TESCO which announced the best christmas sales in 3 years.After having outperformed market expectations with a 4.9 per cent increase in UK like-for-like sales during the six weeks to January 9, Tesco demonstrates its ambitious strategy. Its ‘Finest’ range proved a big hit with shoppers and sales of champagne were up 35% on last year. Although its rivals Waitrose and Sainsbury also released strong sales for the Christmas season, Tesco is certainly back on track.
The world's fourth-biggest retailer keeps on innovating in its wine department and made two announcements in January in order to differentiate itself from a tough competition: a new iPhone application and a light glass wine-bottle.
If you have an iPhone, Tesco brings you more information about your favourite wine in a click. In fact, the UK grocer proposes a free iPhone application that enables shoppers to take a picture of a bottle and get tasting notes and other information about the wine. Limited to 1,000 bottles of the "Tesco Wine By the Case" selection, this new application delivers a great value to customers. Why? Because shoppers now want to know more about wine and specifically about the wine they may select.Moreover they are confused when looking at an impressive range of wine with all sorts of labels. Finally they are disappointed by the often poor information written on back-labels. A really great customer-value driven move.
The UK's biggest grocer also recently launched the lightest glass wine bottle available in the UK on its own-label ranges. A 300g bottle that will reduce the supermarket's glass usage but also significantly reduce carbon emissions on wines brought into stores.It may sound a bit weird to "old world" winemakers but things change and environmental-friendly behaviours will certainly bring an increasing number of customers to consider this offer.Moreover, not only Tesco gives consumers a new choice with this bottle but also sends a clear signal to winemakers that a carbon emission reducing approach is not limited to the production of an "enviromental-friendly wine" but is also related to the way it is packaged and delivered.
Tesco brings innovation on the wine shelves. Overall the company leads the change in UK and some big international players have an eye on it.Carrefour has just announced it has recruited former Tesco executive James McCann to head its French operations...(More wine news on www.vitabella.fr).